Stats Against the Odds

Data Visualization / Print / Laser Cutting / Handmade

It was November 29th in 2017 when I first met Lydia.
 She was in Berlin for work and her flight back to California 
was scheduled for December 3rd. 

Those 5 days were a bit like a fairytale and at the airport, we decided that we want to make it into something more – despite the over 9000km that were about to come between us.

For our semi-anniversary in June, I hand made a book.
 Lydia is a scientist and loves data, so I visualised details
 such as how we met and how many days we spent together.

She also appreciates textures a lot, so I added laser cut linen patches for tactile elements. This way, you can not only view our relationship over time and distance, but also experience it with your fingertips.

Additionally, the book includes maps that chronologically trace the places we visited and experiences we shared.

It measures 21 x 15 cm / 8.2 x 5.9 in (closed) and is composed of 12 pages printed on 300g paperboard.

Even if our looong distance relationship ended in 2019, I’m very grateful for our time together and this book, which remains one of the coolest things I ever did.