Illustration / Brand / Web

Illustration, brand design and web design for the constructive system Voluma.

Background Info

Voluma is a connective system for constructing objects or spaces, e.g. shop fittings, trade fair systems, vitrines, exhibitions or furniture. You can build anything using these Voluma connectors because they join constructive components in a stable way and in various angles.

In 2009 I created a new corporate design for the Voluma brand. A core element of the design is a bunch of little figurines, composed from the shapes of the product itself. They add sympathy to a rather complex product – and since they are derived from playing around with the Voluma connectors, they encourage clients and engineers to do the same.

The logo redesign is based on the original Voluma lettering from the 1970s, created by swiss designer Ruedi Zwissler, who is also the inventor of the system.

  • jovoto Award and Clients Choice in the creative contest »Voluma Relaunch« 2009
  • Original Voluma lettering:
    Ruedi Zwissler
  • Realisation of web design: workonweb Berlin